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About Gold and Tree, our seed that became a tree...

Every great story begins with a seed. Ours has been planted in the year 2014 and since then, it never stopped growing. Everyday in Thailand is never the same, there is always someone who needs our help.

One person in particular needed help with a translation. After giving him a hand with his paperwork, it changed his life. This man was actually one of our first client, and he asked us a very special question during a casual conversation: Why did you not plant the tree?

At the time, we didn’t understand what it meant. Turns out that this simple question completely defined us and inspired the name of our company, Gold & Tree.

The first branch of our tree, Law Firm

Shortly after, our Law Firm in Chiang Mai was the first branch to grow on this beautiful tree. It greatly helped shaping the future of the organization. Our law partner, with 20+ years of experience with the law in Thailand, helped many foreigners with FREE Consultation.

Why give free information when we could charge money like everybody else you ask? We know how complicated and difficult it can become for the foreigners coming to Thailand. So many questions with so few answers, thus why the first consultation is on us! That’s right, so don’t be scared to come visit us and ask away your most important questions, we will be there for you.

It will happen sometimes that you need a knowledgeable lawyer in Thailand to help you out with a marriage or a divorce, or with a litigation or due diligence, and Gold and Tree will follow you, even in the court!

If you need a hand with your business or perhaps your future business in Thailand, our professionals will be there to guide you with the business license in Thailand, BOI and structural help to start on a good base with a new enterprise.

With Gold and Tree, you remove some (a lot) of the weight on your shoulders.

A natural evolution, the VISA branch

All that said, as time goes by, a second branch started to grow. You must already know this, but any foreigner will have to go through a VISA process at some point or another, so it was a natural evolution for our company.

The most common question that we get is ‘How to get a tourist VISA in Thailand’.

There are actually many types of Thai VISA; Student VISA, Marriage VISA, Retirement VISA, Parent VISA, Business VISA, Permanent VISA and obviously the Tourist VISA. The official VISA names are not exactly the same, most of the time you will hear Non-Immigrant-O VISA or Non-Immigrant IB VISA for example, it can get confusing very quickly thus why we are here to help you find the best VISA in Chiang Mai Thailand that suits your need.

These require a lot of paperwork and most of the time you will need to do what we call a VISA run. There are many ways of doing it and many things to think about, thus why so many foreigners make mistakes and lose a lot of time and money which can be very frustrating.

With us it’s simple, we take care of everything, you just need to come see us and we will make this whole process as simple and straightforward as possible for you.

At the Gold and Tree Chiang Mai Thailand office, we make everything easy and affordable in a family friendly atmosphere.

An even bigger branch, Gold and Tree Real Estate

While all that is taken care of, our tree is becoming bigger and bigger! Now that your VISA stuff is sorted out and all good, you might want to know more about getting a property in Thailand or simply renting a new place instead of living in a hotel.

That’s why a third branch is born in our company, Gold and Tree Real Estate Thailand, and is now the ultimate solution to find the best Real Estate Agent in Chiang Mai!

With our easy-to-use online platform, you will be able to scroll through many beautiful houses, condos and apartments and even lands with the best prices on the market.

Maybe you just need to rent an apartment in Thailand for a few months, or maybe you want to buy a house with your thai wife or thai husband? Perhaps you would like to live the luxurious life in Chiang Mai in one of our luxury Condo, Villa or Penthouse in Chiang Mai Thailand, or maybe you need to quickly find a buyer for your land.

Don’t miss your chance, you can get in contact with our Chiang Mai real estate broker at any time and our realtor will help you on the spot to sell your house or to buy a property in Chiang Mai. Buying, selling and renting properties is what we do best, as well as making your wishes come true!

With Gold and Tree Real Estate, you can be totally sure that you will get the house of your dreams or the wonderful land that you always wanted. Perhaps the greatest business opportunity of a lifetime is waiting for you to buy this new elegant office space...

One location with everything you need

At Gold and Tree, it’s your one-stop shop for all your needs. At our Chiang Mai office, you can get all the necessary information about the laws in Thailand and find solutions to resolve your problems if you have any.

It’s also the best way to get your Thai VISA sorted out with the best VISA options in Thailand, and finally you can easily take advantage of our user friendly online platform to sell or to buy your property in Thailand.

With the efficient, multilingual and super friendly staff, you can feel free to ask at anytime for help since we are available almost 7 days a week!

We have dreams and we know how important they are. Let us be part of yours, let us become the magic plant fertilizer, feeding the seed you once planted, which will become a small tree, that will grow more and more, and make your dreams become a reality.

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