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House for Sale in Chiang Mai

Thailand is often one of the most coveted places for living a luxurious life under the sun, whether you want to live the last years of your retirement as an expat in a calm, cozy and warm atmosphere, or you want to realize your dream of opening your own restaurant... Many French, American, German, Australian or Chinese foreigners come live in Thailand and it’s no wonder why!

Now, you probably wondering how everything works and if it’s possible to get a house under your name in Thailand. The quick and unfortunate answer is that, as a foreigner, you cannot own a land nor a house in Thailand, unless you are very rich! However, there are some ways to get around this. Here we have all the answers in our House Purchase Guide.

House for Rent in Chiang Mai

Renting a house in Thailand is a great way to get the best comfort without having to shell out that huge down payment that the houses for sale require. It is also less stressful since you can always change if you are not happy with the place after the rent contract is finished or that an agreement with the owner has been taken in advance.

Although, before arriving to this point, why not make the best out of your house rental in Chiang Mai Thailand? Here are some of the best tips on how to rent a house or a villa in Chiang Mai. We will go in details about the leasing contracts, the prices you have to expects for house rentals depending on different factors like the location and the number of rooms.

Condo for Sale in Chiang Mai

Imagine now that you are the owner of a beautiful and modern condo in Chiang Mai city all furnished and with wifi included. Nearby you have a gym, a pool and many markets and restaurants with delicious Thai food! And what if… it wasn’t just a dream? There are so many advantages for foreigners to buy and own a condo in Thailand.

Foreigners can legally purchase a condo and for a lot cheaper than in their home countries! Making it a must in term of foreign real estate investment! There are, however, many things to consider and to know before diving in like the laws surrounding the condo business, the process and paperwork, the different price ranges and the best areas in Chiang Mai.

Condo for Rent in Chiang Mai

So you just arrived in Chiang Mai, or you have been here for a while and fell in love with the beauty of the city, and now you would like to get a condo or to upgrade to a better place, without actually buying anything. You just want a peaceful, clean and cozy place where to live a couple months or maybe a couple years, and you are wondering what to look for and what are the best deals for condo rentals in Thailand.

Well, look further no more, Gold and Tree Real Estate is here to clear things up! Here’s a small guide that we put together for you on the condos for rent, their advantages, related laws and paperwork, and the prices... and if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to come see us!

Land for sale in Chiang Mai

So here we are! The warm sun of Northern Thailand, the beautiful landscape full of trees and mountains and the delicious Thai food! All this is pretty nice but you want more? You start to look into land listings, house listings, condo listings, ThaiVISA forums and whatnot. You are a bit lost or overwhelmed by all the information available? It’s normal, there are a lot of strict laws and at Gold and Tree Real Estate we decided to make a little Land Guide for you.

We won’t go in deep with super detailed stuff. Just a quick summary on what you need to know should suffice; the different land titles and how they work, the mortgages, the taxes and if it is possible as a foreigner to buy a land and how. If you need more info or have any more questions come see us at our Chiang Mai Pantip Mall office! It will be our pleasure to help you out!

Business for Sale in Chiang Mai

Thinking about opening a business or selling one in Chiang Mai? Before going forward, it is important to get informed about what kind of activities that the foreign companies are allowed to perform in Thailand. There are many laws to follow and failure to comply often means prison or enormous fine!

A lot of people take for granted some things that are written or said in this area. For example, many would think that it is not possible to legally own 100% of a foreign company when it is not totally true. Moreover, knowing what kind of paperwork awaits you, like the work permit, the Visa, the company registration etc. will help you crusing through your projects. How does it work when you want to become the shareholder of a Thai company? We prepared a Business Guide to clear the path to success for you and your future partners!

Top Tricks to Choose your Real Estate Agent in Chiang Mai

So many realtors, so many real estate agencies in Chiang Mai! There are some tricks to find what’s the best for your situation and what you are looking for. The most important is often overlook by some freelance agents, especially concerning the laws that a bit more specific Having knowledge in this department is crucial so nobody is wasting time in the long run.

We prepared a Real Estate Agent Guide, tailored to Chiang Mai’s locations, so you can make your decision process clearer and simpler at an early stage of your projects.

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