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Is it possible to rent a luxury villa in Chiang Mai Thailand?

Totally! It is even common, since buying a villa is out of reach for most foreigners, renting one can be very interesting as a short vacation for multiple couples with kids or for digital nomads who want to have a nice and cozy work space.

What are the best luxury Villas for Rent in Chiang Mai?

Usually, the ones that are away from all the noises of the city, but not too far from the main amenities. Are you looking for a Beach Villa or a Hill Villa? In Chiang Mai there are no beaches unfortunately but you do have many great options for beautiful villas with mountain views surrounded by trees and flower gardens.

After the location, you probably want a swimming pool with your villa, nice and clean bedrooms, and washers & dryers for your clothes. Dryers are a rare thing in Thailand thought. For the entrepreneurs, a meeting room where you can sit together at a table is very important, so always look for the quality of the chairs and the rest of the furniture in the villa if you are planning on working online in Thailand.

How much a villa rental can cost in Chiang Mai Thailand?

It depends on the location but it could cost you around 1000 baht a night if you rent one room alone. So around 30 000 baht (around 1000$ USD) per month should be the base price you are looking at to give you an idea. It can go higher from there, but if you rent as a group for a longer stay, that’s where you will get the good deals. Sometimes you will be offered a business coworking package deal, including free WIFI, access to meeting room, breakfast and snacks, and the chance to be able to exchange with other like-minded online business owners.

How to rent a luxury villa as a group in Thailand?

Many digital nomads are looking for a nice place where they could grow their network and their online businesses in Thailand. Many will look for what we call a co-living space or co-working space. They will have to pay a certain amount of money per night or per month in order to live or to work in this beautiful house that will be used as an office and a place of interaction.

It is safe to say that if you have many digital friends who are looking for a nice communal place in Chiang Mai, renting a villa as a group can be a wonderful alternative to be able to live the full Thailand experience in a shared luxurious space! Some foreign entrepreneurs even invested in such places by opening a coworking space business, and renting it out afterwards on airbnb or on Thailand digital nomads groups.

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