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Where are the best locations to rent a house in Chiang Mai?

So many different sub districts in Chiang Mai, and they all have their own features that will affect the price of a property. We prepared a Best Areas Guide to rent a house in Chiang Mai. Whether you need to be close to a giant mall or you would like the rural life without necessarily be too far from the city, there are plenty of options with a variety of prices that will match any situation. Prices for renting a house can go as low as 6000 baht a month and go up to 45 000 baht a month! Once you are familiar with the house rental market in Chiang Mai, you will need to add a few other fees that we describe in our guide just below.

How much does it cost for renting a house in Chiang Mai

On top of having the rent to pay every month, there are many other house fees to talk about when renting a house in Thailand. Most of the houses are part of a village community where you will need to pay a maintenance fee, for the garbage service and whatnot. Also you will need to pay for the electricity and water, so it is important to take these into account before anything. Additionally, homeowners will require a deposit of 2 month or 3 months in advance after you signed the contract.

Why is it better to rent a house or a Condo in Chiang Mai Thailand?

Renting a house or a condo, what is the best option for you? There are laws in Thailand that prevent foreigners to easily just own a house, which is why many foreigners prefer leasing a property on the long term. In this House VS Condo Rental Guide, we look at how to approach the different aspects of renting a house in Thailand. As an example, you can rent a house for a short period of time, but rare are the house owners looking for short term renters!

What kind of house should I look for in Thailand?

If your decision is officially leaning towards a house rental and that you are ready to go forward with it, it shall be noted that you will find different house types and structures in Thailand. The walls and rooftops are very different than your typical western house for example. That said, a lot of houses are heavily influenced by the american design style, so it is totally possible to find fully westernized showers and kitchens.

How to live the luxurious life in a big house in Thailand?

Big house, mansion, villa… We have many names for these beautiful houses that you often see on the promotion pictures of many Thailand property online platforms. We prepared a Thailand Villa Guide that will give you some tips for the digital nomads within you, or the future entrepreneur that you might become.

What are the advantages of renting a house compared to buying a house in Thailand?

At a first glance, renting a house is just easier for foreigners who wishes to live in Thailand. It is legal to lease a property for up to 30 years to a foreigner. However, there are Pros and Cons purchasing or renting a house in Thailand. A downside of renting is that this money that you spend on rent is not an investment. On the other side, it is easier to break the lease contract of your house rental and move than doing a reversal or selling back what’s remaining of the payments on your house purchase to a new owner.

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