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House Rental Vs Condo Rental in Thailand, what’s the best?

Are you wondering what is the best rental for you and your family? First, you must ask yourself, why a rental in Thailand is better than buying a property? It is easier since foreigners can only purchase a condo, buying a land or a house is much more complicated.

House Rentals offer more space for your money!

A clear advantage of renting a house over a condo would be the fact that most condo buildings in Chiang Mai for example are located in trendy spots or near trendy areas, making them very expensive per the square meter. In other words, it won’t give you much space for your money, compared to the same price you would pay for renting a house a bit outside of the main city.

More space, more land, a private pool… rent the house of your dreams in Thailand!

If you rent a house, you have also more freedom, you can have a small land outside (or a big one if you have the money) with a private pool, a garden and whatnot. With a condo rental all you get is a small balcony at best with a shared pool on one of the building’s floors.

New House Construction vs New Condo Unit?

Yes in a condo building you get a sense of modernity, freshness and security, especially in the newer condominiums being built. But a lot of houses are being built as well, although new house constructions are often very pricey where if you are an early bird who catches a condo unit in a brand new condo building, you might have the chance to get a good price on it!

Communal space and life as a community in Chiang Mai

Mu bans (small villages) offer a sense of community and some services like a gated security at the entrance of the village for example. Condo units can often feel a bit like small prisons, some studios have just 1 or 2 small sources of light coming in a certain precise time of the day and that’s it. If you live in a village, you will be more inclined to go outside get some food at the local market of the village, and locals are often very helpful and kind with foreigners living with them in community.

If you live in a condo building, you will be most likely living with other foreigners. For some, that’s ok and that may be what you are looking for. But in conclusion, sometimes we are scared of discovering new things and we are looking for more of the same. If you want the real Thailand experience, and have a nice cozy place with a lot of space, to rent for half a year or more, a house rental offers a lot of advantages that are often overlooked.

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