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The most common questions when buying a condo in Thailand

Imagine now that you are the owner of a beautiful and modern condo in Chiang Mai city, all furnished and with wifi included. Nearby you have a gym, a pool and many markets and restaurants with delicious Thai food! And what if… it was not just a dream? What if you could get your own condo, possibly for a lot cheaper than in your home country! Here’s our step by step ultimate guide with the most common questions when buying a condo in Thailand.

Buying a condo in Thailand, is it legal for a foreigner?

Farangs cannot technically own a land or a property in Thailand, but condominium buildings can sell 49% of their condo units to foreigners. You can have more details on the legal subject here, but in short, it is totally doable to get your new Chiang Mai condo in no time! If for example, you are on a retirement VISA and just looking for something simple to enjoy life and relax in one of the best places in Thailand, we have several condos for sale in Chiang Mai perfect for you!

What the best way to invest in a Chiang Mai Condo? What are the related costs?

With the growing popularity of Chiang Mai and the many new condo projects being built, it is the perfect time to invest in your Thailand condominium unit! Of course, like always, there are several factors to take into account, check our condo investment guide.

Also do you buy a new, or old, or still in construction condo unit? Each of these avenues have their own up and downsides. Furthermore, you want to decide where to invest, in other words the location or district area of your future condo unit. The cost of the condo will vary a lot depending on that factor alone, but also on the size, furniture and appliances included (if there are any) and nearby amenities.

Best amenities to look for when buying a new condo in Chiang Mai.

You are hunting for the condo unit of your dream and you are wondering what would be the ideal location. It is a simple but yet complex question, one of the key elements is often forgotten between the paperwork, VISA, prices, laws, the view and the location itself. The closest amenities should be one of your top priorities and here’s an amenities and perks guide for you on how to target the best condos in Chiang Mai.

How much does a condo cost in Chiang Mai?

It all depends on your objectives and your budget, condo prices in Chiang Mai ranges from the small unit at 3 million baht to the huge and luxurious condo unit at 10 million baht! And for sure if you are on Nimman or near Central Festival for example the prices are raising considerably. We prepared a purchase costs guide showing you real examples coming from our website with detailed information on each of them.

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