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A Simple Condo Rental Guide for Foreigners in Thailand

Are you planning to stay in Thailand for a short or long period of time? Perhaps you are looking for a beautiful place to stay in, while being in the center of one of the greatest locations of Chiang Mai city, but you don’t want to pay the astronomic prices either! The easy solution is to rent a condo!

Condo rentals in Chiang Mai are booming every year, since they give access to the charming city life with affordable prices while keeping security and luxury at its core value. You want to feel comfortable with the western kitchen, the washing and drying machines, the beautiful balcony and relaxing and clean shower? Follow our simple guide and you will get all the answers to your questions!

How much is the cost for a condo rental in Chiang Mai?

Like when buying a property, the cost will vary on these main factors; the size, the number of rooms, the location and the amenities. You can get something small like a studio condo for very cheap for something around 6000 baht per month or 180USD! Not too shabby isn’t it?

For sure if you want to rent a condo 2 bedrooms in Chiang Mai, with the gorgeous view in a key district area like Fa Ham, Suthep, Pa Daet, Chang Phueak, Wat Ket, Nimman etc. you will look for something around 15 000 to 20 000 baht per month which is not more than 600USD!

For more info on this, come take a look at a small list of examples I made for you so you can see the different price points with concrete examples.

How to choose the best location to rent a condo in Chiang Mai?

A simple answer to that question would be the center of Chiang Mai Old City, or sometimes called the city square. But Chiang Mai is a really vast city, with many different areas with their own charming perks. We go in detailed to present you some of the bests Chiang Mai areas like Fan Ham, Nimmanhaemin, Chang Phueak, Chang Khlan or Suthep.

Looking through so many condo rental listings from so many platforms can be a complex task but if you select in advance one of the key areas of the city, and then narrow down towards the best condo buildings or resorts in that area, you will be able to finally find the deals you were looking for. Don’t hesitate to get in contact with us if you need more info.

What are the best condo projects in Chiang Mai?

There are so many of them, we would be here all day if we wanted to talk about all of ‘em! We selected 5 condo projects that we think are very unique and interesting, offering different type of condos, with different price ranges, and also located in different parts of the city so it can appeal to a wider audience!

Our 5 condo projects list includes:
Karkanok 3, located in the Jed Yod area.
In second we have Floral, near the famous River Ping.
We also have have Punna, located directly on Nimman Road!
Rimping Condominium, like its name mentions it, is another project giving an astonishing view over the Ping River.
And finally, The Astra, close to the superb Night Bazaar.

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