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How much does it cost to buy a house in Thailand and where should I buy a house?

There are several sub districts in Chiang Mai, and each of them have their own features that will affect the price of a property. Our Best Areas Guide to buy a house in Chiang Mai is there to clarify everything. Whether you need an International School nearby or you would like the rural life without necessarily be too far from the city facilities, there is a wide range of house prices available, as much to the North of Chiang Mai as to the South! We know and talk about the popular locations such as Mae Rim and Hang Dong, but also the closer subdistricts of the city center such as Wat Ket and Suthep.

Is it better to rent or to buy a house in Chiang Mai Thailand?

Buying a house freehold or leasehold, what is the best for your current situation? There are laws in Thailand that prevent foreigners to easily just own a house, which is why many foreigners prefer leasing a property on the long term. In this Buy VS Rent House Guide, we look at how to approach the different aspects of purchasing or renting a house in Thailand. For example, you could go for a short term rental, but rare are the house owners looking for short term renters for less than a 6 months rental! Maybe you could get something like that with a service like airbnb but that goes back to being more a vacation plan than anything else. Furthermore, there are ways to legally get a house in Thailand for foreigners, thus why it can be helpful to have a real estate agent at your side.

Can a Foreigner buy a House in Thailand?

As mentioned previously, it is possible to buy a house in Thailand as a foreigner, but you will need to first get informed about the Legal Ways of owning a house in Thailand for foreigners. You can either register a company or go with a long term lease, or put the house under the name of a Thai spouse… The possibilities are there, but you need to be careful, since a lot of paperwork awaits you, and some can be overlook such as the Thailand Usufruct.

What kind of house should I look for in Thailand?

If you decision is officially leaning towards a house and that you are ready to go forward with it, it should be noted that the different house types and structures in Thailand, as well as their walls and rooftops, are very different than your typical western house. That said, a lot of houses are heavily influenced by the american design style for the showers and kitchens and whatnot.

What are the best perks for a house in Thailand?

There are many things to take into consideration outside but also inside the house that you wanna buy in Thailand. In a country where the weather is cold in general, having aircons in every rooms is not really important, but in Thailand, it is almost a necessity! Another example coming from our House Perks Guide, is the kitchen! Thai kitchens often have open walls and only a counter with a sink will be found inside. If you love cooking but don’t use spicy ingredients that much, then perhaps you want to opt for a more traditional westernized kitchen.

Is it possible to negotiate the property prices in Thailand?

The asking price and the value price are 2 different things that you will need to master before entering the world of the real estate market of Thailand. Our Price Negotiation Guide or houses and any properties will help you through your quest for the perfect home.

Where should I go live in Chiang Mai Thailand?

Before you select any houses of your interest, it is important to consider the hospitals, the international schools and the different malls and markets available in each sub districts that peaked your interest. The Best Location of your future home in Thailand will be the one that answers all your needs by providing facilities that are too far from reach.

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