How to find the right Real Estate Agent in Thailand?

Sometimes they are called real estates brokers, or realtors, or real estate specialists. There is always this question that pops at least once on every home hunters minds at the beginning of the hunt: Do I really need a realtor? The answer depends on your available time and your knowledge level of the market you are tapping in.

Should I do business with a Real Estate Agency?

In Thailand, and especially in highly touristic cities like Chiang Mai, you have the chance of having a multitude of real estate agencies and freelancers ready to sell you a property the fastest possible. It can be good and bad, but what makes a huge difference in the end, is how much they know about the property laws, the land laws and the laws concerning the foreigners and the VISAs.

At Gold and Tree Real Estate, we have a law firm department and a real estate department. We specialized in both domains, so you can always count on us to do everything the right way! If you are a retiree, a future business owner or simply a tourist who fell in love with Thailand and Chiang Mai, we can help you out, by setting you up with the most suitable VISA options for your situation and by finding the property that you are looking for.

Also what will make a big difference in the quality of a real estate agency is the platform they use, and their properties catalog. Gold and Tree has a brand new, modern and simple to use online platform, for selling and buying properties in all the main districts and subdistricts of Chiang Mai like Jed Yod, Mae Hia, Mae Rim, Nimman, Riverside, Santitham, Wualai, Wat Get, Mae Rim, Doi Saket, Doi Suthep and the Mountainside, the Old City, Night Bazaar, Lang Mor, Naa Mor, Hang Dong, Chang Phueak...

Search tools and Online Real Estate Listings

With our search and find tool you can easily pick the properties that you like and if you are not sure you can schedule an appointment at any time to meet us in our Pantip Mall Office, open 6 days a week in the heart of Chiang Mai city. Our property listing is updated daily so you can see what’s new and trending in Chiang Mai in the real estate market! And next, one of our agent will take care of everything for you from start to finish, to relieve the stress as much as possible.

In conclusion, that’s the most crucial point. You don’t want to just get a real estate seller that will sell you something that sounds great, and then as soon as the papers are signed, that person is magically gone! And moreover, you don’t want somebody who’s knowledgeable about the laws on foreign activities, the lands and the properties are limited. With our Thailand law firm office, sitting right in front of our real estate office, you are all set on both front! Chiang Mai has a lot of options for real estate agencies and real estate brokers, but taking your time to discern these signs, and carefully choose with who you gonna partner is the key.

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